We have all been to a job site in complete disarray where the dumpster is overflowing for days, even weeks, and the laborers are doing their best to work around the numerous piles of material waste laying around the commercial site. Dumpster rental services or roll off services are born for situations just like these. With a simple phone call, a rental service not only drops off an appropriately sized dumpster for the construction or commercial project, but they also return once it is loaded up with waste when you need them to – eliminating the piles and risk that comes along with a worksite filled with unmanaged waste.

Waste management is often the construction assistant’s role, but this can change depending on the size of the construction management team. And, while a lot goes into planning a commercial or construction project, adding in a roll off rental service to properly manage waste on the job site should be added to the planning duties on the front end for the most efficient project possible.

What are the benefits of waste rentals in construction?

Whether you’re a contractor or a large commercial company, utilizing a dumpster rental service for your upcoming construction project ensures proper waste disposal and a clean worksite. What other benefits are in store for you?

#1 Protects your crew

Bulky construction debris, piles of industrial waste, sharp edges of sheetrock, and demolition waste laying on the ground are some of the materials that can go directly in a roll off dumpster. They are also materials that can pose a potential danger to construction workers, company employees, and visitors on and around the worksite. By creating a centralized place for collection, construction managers and safety managers alike can rest assured that the construction site will be a safe workplace. And, with a safer job site, expensive hospital, insurance, and legal bills are less likely to occur.

#2 Saves you time and money

Do you ever feel like taking trips to a waste management center is your full-time job? Save that time, money, and hauling-ability for the job site – where they need you! With a dumpster roll off service, general laborers can all stay on-site, where they are most valuable to the job.

Dumpster rentals for construction also take the hassle out of waste disposal. Crews are not required to put waste into large bags before throwing anything away, meaning they are being paid for their skilled work, not for bagging waste material. The dumpsters are designed to hold materials that are directly put into the receptacle. Whether it’s junk cleanout such as broken office furniture or yard debris, it can go directly into the dumpster. No time, extra bagging, or guesswork needed!

#3 Improves project efficiency

The benefit of having a single designated place to collect waste on a job site does wonders for productivity. General laborers don’t have to collect waste at the end of an already long day or week, and better yet, project managers don’t have to figure out what waste management center to take everything to. It all stays on-site until the end of the project. If the dumpster gets to be filled with more waste than originally projected before construction is over. No problem! The dumpster rental service will come to pick it up and bring a dumpster sized appropriately to get you through until the end of the project.

#4 Disposes of your waste properly

Some dumpster rental companies will differ in the waste they collect but the reputable companies will clearly list what they can and cannot dispose of on their website. When you call to schedule your dumpster rental, confirm you will be able to dispose of the waste you need to at your construction, demolition, or commercial site.

Roll off dumpsters can be typically used for any type of non-hazardous landfill waste, including:

  • Construction debris
  • Remodel waste
  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Yard debris
  • Shingles
  • Junk cleanout
  • Sheetrock
  • Plastic
  • Industrial waste

Examples of hazardous waste not accepted in roll-off dumpsters:

  • Mold
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Lead-based paint
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Appliances with pilot lights
  • Sprinkler systems

Proper waste disposal is a huge part of construction and overall project success. The risk of expensive lawsuits, not to mention missing deadlines due to project delays, isn’t worth not being organized on the front end of the job with proper construction waste disposal on the job site.

#5 Fits your needs & budget

Dumpster rental services not only increase profits by ensuring safety and boosting productivity on the worksite, but they also uniquely fit a business or contractor’s budget or dumpster sizing requirements. Every job site is different, and every company is different. Roll off dumpster services are perfect for a company that is looking for a solution that won’t break the bank or be too much or not enough for what they need. By searching out a company that has multiple size dumpsters and immediate pick-up options, a business or contractor has a cost-effective solution to their waste management needs.

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